Pauly’s Speech at F&M Park

This is the speech that Paul made at Kelly’s Service at 2pm on Thursday July 11th, 2013 at F&M Park in Traverse City.

Everyone has been telling me how inspiring our love is and how much they admire our relationship. People have been telling both of us this for years, and usually I say thank you and how lucky I am to have Kelly. This last week I’ve been told how inspiring our love is by almost everyone I know, and even from people I’ve never met. Reflecting on our relationship these last few days, I’ve come to realize how much of that I owe to my lovely wife.

I have grown more in the last 5 years with Kelly than I had in my previous 23. I don’t know how she put up with me when we first met… I was loving, but selfish. I was fun, but sometimes too crazy. I was kind, but not always aware. I didn’t dress bad, but I definitely didn’t dress good. I was a fun loving idiot who got lucky. She saw something in me and kept at it, until her loving ways started making sense to me.

Like you’ve been hearing from all of her amazing friends and family today. Kelly was the most caring, selfless, understanding, positive, fun woman you have ever met. Oh, and I can never forget the most beautiful. Well anytime I was angry with someone, she would get me to look at it from their perspective. Anytime any of her friends or I were struggling she never hesitated to help. Whether it was solving life’s problems with her insightful advice, or just brightening your day with her amazing baking skills. Anytime I thought I had it bad, she reminded me how good I actually have it. One thing she didn’t have to teach me was to have fun… I proved myself there, day one on that pool table. She made me a better listener by always listening. She showed me how to communicate feelings without getting defensive. She showed me how amazing it feels to be in a relationship where someone gives themselves completely to you, and of course the only thing I could do in return was give myself right back to her.

We were polite to each other. We said I love you as often as possible. We made date nights. We embraced each other’s weaknesses. We compromised. We held hands. We resolved issues. We had passion. We had a lot of passion. We had an awkward amount of passion… We were best friends.

Winnie The Pooh once said, “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

Baby, I promise you’ll always be in my heart, and I’m going to keep growing. I love you so much baby.

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Pauly’s Speech at F&M Park

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    When you are remembering Kelly and talking about your beautiful memories, I hope no one tells you to “move on” or it’s time to “get over her.” The people we love in our life should never leave us, they have helped shape us.


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